24 Residential Units Proposed for Abandoned Building in Asbury Park


A major site plan, which includes 24 residential units, was introduced at this week’s Asbury Park Planning Board meeting.

Developer Fuller H. “Trip” Brooks presented his plans to demolish a “boarded up” building at 213-215 First Ave. and construct a new four-story building with 24 condominiums.

The plans also call for 41 parking spaces behind the building. The parking requirement for the site is 36.

Brooks said he is very excited to be the first developer to take advantage of the new lot by lot development amendment to the Waterfront Redevelopers Agreement.

Formerly land in the area could only be developed in entire blocks, known as block by block development.

Brooks, head of Regional Development Group, LLC, has qualified as a designated subsequent developer, allowing him to develop the parcel. His project, he said, will be consistent with the vision of the redevelopers plan with few deviations architecturally.

He also said his project at 21,000 square feet exceeds the 15,000 minimum threshold. He purchased the parcel of land in 2015 with the hopes of a lot by lot zoning change which was approved in July of 2018

“I’m proud to be the first subsequent master developer,” he said.

Brooks said the project is being proposed in good faith and for the community and fulfills his vision of a residential building close to the beach.

The building, before it was boarded up, contained 32, one and two bedroom, units.

The plans include terraces on the side of the building and parking in the rear to make the building look residential and not commercial. A  rooftop mezzanine area with a deck, pool and grilling area is also included.

Brooks said, along with decorative landscaping and lighting, all the sidewalks and curbs at the site will be replaced.

He also said the Coastal Area Facilities Review Agreement (CAFRA) permits are covered in the Waterfront Redevelopment Agreement.

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