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Acting City Manager Named



Asbury Park Director of Social Services Tony Nuccio will be the acting-City Manager for at least the next two months while the search continues for a permanent replacement and City Council meetings will be temporarily be held on Tuesdays in the near future.

City Manager Terence Reidy stepped down effective Oct. 31.

Mayor Myra Campbell said the search for a new manager continues but that the city does have a candidate in mind.

“We have not yet confirmed who the new city manager is and it is still a work in progress. But we do have a primary candidate in mind,” Campbell said.

Nuccio, who has been acting-city manager in the past, will fill in for a few months because whoever the council chooses as new city manager would need to notify their current employer that they are leaving and allow for some transition time.

Nuccio will be appointed acting-city manager from Nov. 1 to Dec. 31 and will receive an extra stipend for his additional work. Doug Schultz, who works in special services in the Social Services Department, will step in for Nuccio during the interim.

Since Nuccio teaches on Wednesdays, the City Council meetings will be held on the following dates, with the same location and times as previous council meetings: Wednesday, Nov. 6; Tuesday Nov. 26; Tuesday, Dec. 3; and Tuesday Dec. 17.

“At our meeting on Dec. 17 we will try and figure put the schedule for next year,” City Clerk Stephen Kay said.

Prior to the council’s July 1reorganization meeting, incoming majority council members John Moor, Amy Quinn and Myra Campbell told Reidy that they would be looking for a new city manager.

Reidy, 66, started his job as city manager 10 years ago after previously serving as city manager in Montclair.

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