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coaster-news-200-newBy JOANNE L. PAPAIANNI

At the last City Council meeting Deputy Mayor Amy Quinn urged residents to try out three new parking meters stationed on Mattison Avenue.

The meters are samples of new meters being proposed for the upcoming summer season to replace current meters which customers often find hard to use or in disrepair.

Quinn said there is a three minute You Tube video that residents can watch which explains how to use the new meters.

She also asked that after using the meters people take the survey seeking input, which can be found on the meters themselves.

“We want to know which one of the three is best.”

In a related  matter Council passed a resolution at the meeting authorizing an agreement with meter company, Passport, for a mobile parking application.
* * * *

As a last resort chemicals will be used in Sunset Lake to alleviate algae blooms, which plagued the lake last year.

Any chemicals used are approved by the Department of Environmental Protection.

The water will be tested first and the algae blooms will be targeted.

Last year officials tried installing an aerator at the site to target the blooms but it got stuck by sediment and failed to do the job.

The Asbury Park Environmental and Shade Tree Commission is investigating installing floating gardens in the lake this season.
* * * *

The parking committee decided to extend meter hours from midnight to 2 a.m. downtown at the behest of residents who said cars line up at midnight ready to grab a spot when parking is free.

“This came from the residents,” council said.
* * * *

Councilwoman Yvonne Clayton announced that the Quality of Life committee is holding its first city wide clean up of the year on April 22 and put the call out for volunteers.
* * * *
Councilman Jesse Kendle made a plea for the city’s crossing guards asking for new rain gear and a raise on their behalf.

“For 15 years they’ve had the same salary. $1 or $2 more can make a big difference,” he said.

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