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Asbury Park Adds More Paid Parking to City Streets


coaster-news-200-newBy JOANNE L. PAPAIANNI

Striping of parking spots on Summerfield Avenue east of Main Street will begin this week, according to City Transportation Manger Michael Manzella. The new meters are also scheduled to be installed and activated beginning Aug. 17.

However, Manzella, said residents and employees with Zone 4, Central Business District parking permits will be allowed to park on Summerfield Avenue, without paying the meters.

“We will have a short grace period in terms of tickets being issued so that local folks can get accustomed to the change, “ Manzella said.“The solution is more parking, not more money.”

Manzella said the parking committee is looking to make more parking available on Summerfield Avenue by regulating the parking supply and turnover in the area.

“Summerfield Avenue supports the CBD,” he said.

Manzella said regulation will free up more spaces for residents, who have the option to buy permits to park on the street.

“We want to introduce regulation and payment to get the turnover,” he said.

Manzella said The Hardware Store, located on the corner of Summerfield Avenue and Main Street,  has about six 30-minute parking signs in place which will remain when the two 15-minute spots are added.

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