Asbury Park Gives Names to Lanes


Asbury Park officials voted to approve an ordinance that will give names to previously unnamed alleys in the city.

The new lanes– Albion, Charms, Cuba, Fisch’s, Kershaw, Mayfair and Roseland—are named after memorable places in Asbury Park that no longer exist.

The new designations will help residents receive deliveries and will ensure that emergency services can better identify residents’ locations.

“Asbury Park has a rich history and the naming of these alleys after historic sites that we have unfortunately lost memorializes these places as special to the city,” said Mayor John Moor.

The following are names given to seven new lanes:

•       Albion Lane: Named after the Albion Hotel, which was on First Avenue at the corner of Ocean Avenue. It opened around the time of the 1939 World’s Fair and its famous Rainbow Room neon sign now lives at the City’s Transportation Center.
•       Charms Lane: Named after the Charms Building which was located on the corner of Monroe Avenue and Heck Street. Built in 1914 and demolished in 2010, it served as the Elks Lodge and later was home to the legendary M&K nightclub.
•       Cuba Lane: Named after Cuba’s Night Club, which was located at 1147 Springwood Avenue and attracted entertainers like Lena Horne and Ella Fitzgerald.
•       Fisch’s Lane: Named after the 15,000 square foot Fisch’s Department Store on Springwood Avenue, which served customers throughout Monmouth County.
•       Kershaw Lane: Named after Kershaw’s BBQ, a family-owned, family-run barbecue restaurant, located on Adams Street behind the Turf Club, which was a hot spot in the 1960s and 1970s.
•       Mayfair Lane: Named after the Mayfair Theater owned by theater magnate Walter Reade Sr., it opened in 1927 and entertained cinema-goers for almost 50 years until its doors closed in 1974.
•       Roseland Lane: Named after Roseland Cabaret which was located at Springwood and Atkins and was the largest club on the Westside in the 1920s.

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