Assistant City Manager Search is On

Asbury Park is seeking qualified candidates to fill the position of assistant city manager.

For the last few years Fire Chief Kevin Keddy has served as the assistant city manager. When he was appointed the City Council noted at that time it would be temporary.

The assistant city manager serves under the direction of the city manager. The duties of the city manager are listed below.

The assistant city manager provides executive direction to department directors and division managers in major city functional and service areas; relieves the city manager of administrative or supervisory details associated with the operation of city departments; may direct and/or manage staff who are responsible for citywide operations or for specific department functions and  assures city compliance with applicable federal, state, and local laws, ordinances, and codes; oversees policy development activities.

The city is governed by the council-manager plan of the Faulkner Act and is approximately 1.2 square miles with a year-round population of approximately 16,000.

The budget, all funds, is approximately $50 million with sewer, parking and beach utilities.

The Annual Capital Improvement Plan is $3 to $4 million.. There are approximately 250 employees (Civil Service) across 12 departments and five unions.

The city is slowly transitioning off of the State’s Transitional Aid Program and beginning a path to fiscal health.


Minimum qualification is a Bachelor Degree or attainment of a CMFO, CTC or similar license or management experience such a municipal department head or similar management experience in the private sector.

To apply:

Provide a resume and cover letter addressing the following to Mary Kay Callahan via email at by 5:00 PM, Monday, February 25, 2019. The submission must be in PDF format. Please include copies of any attained certifications and/or degrees.

Cover letters should address the following in short paragraphs.
•       Why you think you are the best candidate for this position
•       Provide a brief synopsis of your career in local government (or management if never worked in government before)
•       Experience in a Civil Service municipality including the hiring and disciplinary process
•       Experience with speaking before groups of people, customer service training, etc.
•       Computer skills including what programs you know (City uses Edmunds for finance, GEO 3.0 for Code Enforcement and a legacy Mitchell Humphrey platform for the Building Department and Zoning Department)

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