Bike-Riding Juveniles Ignore Request to Leave Boardwalk


Bradley Beach police responded to the boardwalk Wed., Aug. 7 after about 25 teenagers failed to stop riding their bikes on the boardwalk after being warned to stop by a special police officer.

Police Chief Len Guida said “upwards of 25” teenagers were approached by the special officer who asked the boys to take the bikes off the boardwalk if they wanted to continue riding them. The incident occurred around 8 p.m. and bicycle riding is banned on the boardwalk at that time.

Guida said that the teenagers then ignored the officer’s command and continued on riding by him. The officer then requested assistance and when other local officers responded the group broke up and went off in different directions.

One or more groups headed into Ocean Grove and the Neptune police were alerted to the problem.

Four teenagers were later arrested and taken to the Bradley Beach police headquarters, Guida said all of the juveniles were between 14 and 17 years old.
The four juveniles were later released into the custody of their parents or guardians, with one issued a juvenile complaint that requires a court appearance

The other three are not off the hook, however. Guida said the release program has certain stipulations, such as having each juvenile write an essay explaining why what they did was wrong.

And Guida said he is proud of how his men handled the situation.

“I have no concerns over the response by my officers. There was a clear violation observed,” he said.

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