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Do you think you’ll be spending more or less on the holidays as compared to last year?

  Take the pulse of the Holiday economy by clicking on any picture for an answer to: Do you think you’ll be spending more or less on the holidays as compared to last year?

Out & About

  Spotted on the streets – or at better eateries, shops or public spaces in the area – were these fine folks this past week.  All photos by Mike Kearns.  

What was your most memorable Thanksgiving?

  “My most memorable Thanksgiving was the last time my mother and father tried to deep fry a whole turkey. “It took all day. The house almost burned down…” See who said it; click on any image to start a slideshow:    

Out & About

  COASTER readers caught in the act of having fun, making a difference or celebrating life…All Coaster Photos taken by Mike Kearns. Click on any one to start a slideshow and for caption:

Do you think JFK’s assassination was a conspiracy?

  Friday, Nov. 22 marks 50 years since President John F. Kennedy was shot in Dallas, Texas…and still people ask, “Do you think JFK’s assassination was a conspiracy?” We asked these Shore area residents what they believe; click on any picture for their reply or to start a slideshow. Featured photo above is JFK, courtesy of the John F. Kennedy Library & Museum in Boston, MA.

Recalling the Day the President Was Shot

  By JOSEPH SAPIA (Above – President John F. Kennedy with daughter Caroline. John F. Kennedy Library photo.) Noel Kirchner was in his office at a children’s wear manufacturer in New York’s Fashion District when a co-worker got a telephone call. “She broke into tears, I remember that,” Kirchner said. “She kept saying, ‘The president’s been shot, the president’s been shot.’” Eventually, the word came on that Friday, November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy had been assassinated in Dallas. At Seabrook Village in Tinton Falls this week, members of the community of 1,400 residents 62-years-old and older recalled that…

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