City Awards Bid for Multi-Level Parking Garage


Asbury Park has awarded a bid for the preliminary design for a multi-level parking garage to be built at the city hall location on Main Street.

The completed project is expected to cost between $18 and $25 million and provide up to 500 parking spaces over five stories.

City Transportation Director Michael Manzella said Timothy Haahs & Associates, Inc. will provide a schematic design.

The amount of bid will not exceed $227,000.

The report by Haas & Associates will include a preferred site location, a survey, a feasibility study and an environmental study.

The location of the garage could be anywhere on city hall property.

Manzella said a public meeting is expected to take place in November when residents can  voice their opinions.

After the preliminary design is presented and accepted by the governing body, a final design will be created. Manzella said it’s possible the project could begin by the summer of 2020.

Funding for the garage is from the Parking Utility account which brought in a little over $5 million in 2018 and according to Manzella, 2019’s total has already exceeded last year’s.

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