City Developer May Begin Work on 60-Unit Apartments Along Lake Avenue



A 60-unit apartment complex by Sackman Enterprises may begin construction at 545 Lake Ave., Asbury Park even though state permits are pending.

At this week’s Planning Board meeting the developer’s attorney, Andrew Karas, said he has been given verbal affirmation that the permits will be granted within six weeks.

An amendment is needed for a door located on the side of the building that is below flood level and plans may need to be changed.

Karas said plans have been reviewed by the DEP and a representative told him they are adequate and a permit will be issued, but it may take up to six weeks.

Planning Board Chair Barbara Krzak said she wanted a plan B, in case the permit was not issued.

After much discussion the board decided on allowing construction to begin but workers must stop at installation of the footings.

If the permit, in the end, is denied the site can be paved over and resume use as a parking lot.

The resolution crafted by Board Attorney Jack Serpico states that Sackman Enterprises has eight weeks to obtain the permits.

The timeframe for DEP to issue the permits is 90 days which would be the end of June or beginning of July.

Board Member Alexis Taylor asked if there a precedent in the city for allowing construction to begin without final permits issued.

Planning Board Engineer Jason Fichter said it has been done in the city before and in other municipalities.

He also said it would not set a precedent moving forward.

“Each application is separate,” he said.

If the permits are not issued within eight weeks,, the applicant will have to appear before the board again at its July 30 meeting.

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