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City Manager Bids Farewell



Asbury Park City Manager Terence Reidy bid city officials and residents farewell at this week’s City Council meeting and, instead of making a statement, he composed and read a poem he wrote instead.(The poem is reprinted below)

Deputy Mayor Sue Henderson, who was in favor of keeping Reidy, thanked him for his years of dedication and service.

“I want to thank you for your service and tireless passion for our city. I don’t think you can be replaced by anyone with your expertise and knowledge,” she said.

City Attorney Frederick C. Raffetto also thanked Reidy for his “talent, dedication, enthusiasm and passion.”

“You have been my colleague, mentor and my friend. On behalf of me and my firm, I want to thank you for all you’ve done,” he said.

Reidy said he will still live in the city and will still be around if the city needs any help or advice.

The search continues to find Reidy’s replacement. His retirement is effective the end of this month and the next council meeting is Nov. 6.

City officials said that more than 100 applications were received to replace Reidy and that the most outstanding candidates are being interviewed.

Prior to the council’s July 1 reorganization meeting, incoming majority council members John Moor, Amy Quinn and Myra Campbell told Reidy that they would be looking for a new city manager.

Reidy, 66, started his job as city manager 10 years ago after previously serving as city manager in Montclair.

Farewell and gratitude

To all of the employees who have served this city standing shoulder to shoulder with me through record breaking snow storms, through superstorms, through flooding, through earthquakes through nor ‘easters and blistering heat, through brother on brother homicides and unspeakable tragedies, through fires and daily emergencies and social upheaval…they have served with dignity, competence and grit and I am proud to call you brother and sister

To the governing body that served with me these past 10 years, I am grateful for your honesty, integrity and courage and most of all for your unwavering support and belief in the vision we shared

To those that have lived here for generations…those who stayed and strengthened this city day by day and those who went away to school or the service and came back…you have been the bedrock of this city

To the pioneers and adventurers who came to this city when it wasn’t the hip thing to do because you wanted to be a part of this amazing city…because you saw the chance to start over, because you had a dream or because it was one of the few places you could afford to live

To the volunteers…members of boards and committees, citizens on patrol..parents who work with our children in school, coaches who mentor our children’s athletic aspirations, those who give time in non-profit endeavors and houses of worship…a strong honest government is critical , but only the grassroots efforts of our people can truly rebuild a city and you have lighten my load with your gift of time, talent and love.

And to the artists and poets
to the songwriters and dreamers
to the cooks and waitstaff
to bars and bouncers
to parades and fireworks
to gardens and sustainability
to parks and lakes
to geese and swanboats
to dogs and dog parks
To the sun worshipers and beachcombers
to the surfers and skaters
to the daring young entrepreneurs
to the non-profits and affordable house builders
to the self proclaimed ministers and prophets
to the activists who make us uncomfortable
to young reporters still seeking the truth
to upholding the law and treating people fairly
to lifestyle, race and economic diversity
to the history and the architecture
to rebuilding our city’s infrastructure
to paving the way for our economic resurgence
to the ghosts that still roam and the zombies that break records
to reliving the “Glory Days” and creating new memories
to the most democratic boardwalk in New Jersey
to The Boss who never forgot his roots and inspired our rebirth
to us….may our actions match our dreams

Thank-you for the honor of serving this City for the past 10 years!

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