Goldfarb Named Council President in Bradley Beach


coaster-news-200-newBy JOANNE L. PAPAIANNI

Norman Goldfarb was unanimously approved as Bradley Beach Council President at the borough’s reorganization meeting this week.

Goldfarb is replacing Harold Cotler who served last year.

Council then made its professional appointments for the year reappointing Michael Dupont as the borough’s attorney.

The two newest council members, John Weber and Randy Bonnell said they were voting yes  after they had had private discussions with him.

Dupont has served as the borough attorney for over a decade, with the exception of a few years when Mayor Julie Schreck was in office.

“I’m hopeful going forward, I’m optimistic things will be fine and I’m going to vote yes,” Weber said.

Weber decided to vote no to appoint Sen. Sean Kean as Borough Prosecutor saying he did not think an elected official should serve in one of the towns he represents.

“A state legislator should not be the town prosecutor…that’s double dipping,” Weber said.

Kean was appointed in a four to one vote.

Weber also reported that the Quality of Life Committee is discussing increasing regulations for dog owners. Dog owners have been invited to the next council meeting on Jan. 23.

Cotler said the discussion should also include regulations for those renting in the borough and bringing their dogs with them, for both residential and vacation rentals.

“There should be a process when renting so we know they have a license and their shots,” Cotler said.

Dupont said he would review the current regulations and would talk to Code Enforcement Officer Bryant Curry about dog ownership for property owners versus rentals and the practicality of registering part time pets.

Councilman Cotler said perhaps the renters could be required to bring their pet’s license and shot record with them.

During public comments William Psiuk asked about the borough adopting a no marijuana sale resolution if Governor Elect Philip Murphy makes New Jersey to next state to legalize recreational marijuana use.

Dupont said borough administrator Kelly Barrett would contact Point Pleasant Beach about a resolution they recently passed prohibiting the sale of the drug.

Mayor Engelstad said he would be in favor of the resolution.

“We pride ourselves on being a family town. I could do without it, but that’s just me,” he said.

Dupont said enforcement of such a resolution would probably face “push back” but said he is already looking at legislation.

“I’m doing some leg work so I am ready,” he said.

Dr. Cotler said he is against the legalization, likening the health issues it could cause to those of tobacco and alcohol.

He said he has seen brain scans of marijuana users over time and that the ridges in their brain smooth out possibly causing “marijuana dementia.”

Cotler said he understands as someone with an MBA that the tax revenues for states are very appealing.

Referring to states such as Colorado and most recently California which legalized the drug he said, “It’s legal but is it responsible. (Legislators) are looking at bringing in tax revenue on the backs of the weakest people who will use this.”

He said the cost to people’s health will not be known for 30 or 40 years.

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