In Neptune: Complaints Received About Speeding


coaster-news-200-newBy DON STINE

Speeding in Neptune’s Shark River Hills area and parked cars that are never moved in Ocean Grove were all issues raised recently at a Neptune Township Committee meeting.

Dr. James Chenitz said he and other residents are concerned about speeding traffic on upper S. Riverside Drive in the Shark River Hils section of the township and said the governing body has been presented with a petition signed by about 60 residents asking that some action be taken.

“There is a lack of police enforcement and there is daily speeding,” he said.

He called the area “a dangerous zone” that may only get worse with the closing of a nearby bridge. The East End Avenue Bridge, crossing the western end of the Shark River and adjacent to S. Riverside Drive, will be closed for repairs for eight months beginning in October.

“Police surveillance is the only effective way,” he said, adding that residents would be happy to work with township officials to resolve the problem.

Mayor Michael Brantley said the township has implemented speed-calming policies, including speed bumps on some streets.

“We use our resources and do the best we can,” he said, adding the police department’s traffic division will be advised of the problem.

Also at Monday’s meeting, Ocean Grove resident Joyce Klein asked the governing body to do something about cars that are “warehoused” on the street. She said that cars are parked on narrow streets in the historic district streets and are never moved.

“People go in and out of them just like they are storage,” she said.

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