In Ocean Grove: Lights Too Bright on Broadway


coaster-news-200-newWhile many Ocean Grove residents welcome new lighting along Broadway, it may be too bright for some.

“The lights shine out onto houses more than onto the street or sidewalk – it trespasses into our properties. And it is very harsh at night,” said Ocean Grove resident Shep Pettibone, who lives on eastern Broadway.

Pettibone last week presented the Township Committee with a 98-signature petition complaining about the 18 new lights, which have been on for more than two months. The lights are in the center grassy median down the center of Broadway.

The old lights used to be amber-colored but the new lights emit a blue-white color that is too intense and the problem is best-defined as “light pollution,” he said.

Pettibone said he has installed black-out draperies on windows but that the light still makes its way into a room. He said the lights are so bright that it can make it difficult to drive along Broadway at night

“It shines right into your eyes and you can’t see the street. They need to tone it out a lot and direct it onto the streets and sidewalks,” he said.

Township Engineer Leanne Hoffman said township officials know about the complaints and are trying to reduce the amount of light by one-third.

Hoffman said that a special kit has been order from the manufacturer that will reduce the volume of light by one-third. The test kit is expected to be installed within the next two to three weeks.

She said the test kit will be installed on a lamppost between Central and Ocean Avenues and then feedback will be collected from residents.

“This feedback will decide whether we move forward with this solution or not,” Hoffman said.

She said there is still enough money in the bond ordinance funding the new lights to pay for the light-reduction kits and that the time-period for feedback needs to be set by the governing body.

Pettipone said he will take a wait-and-see attitude.

“I hope this works,” he said.

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