Insurance Company Rewards Asbury Park with $1,000 Check


The president of the New Jersey Intergovernmental Insurance Fund praised Asbury Park for its performance in the past year saying the city’s deductible has decreased significantly and will continue to decrease due to the reduction in claims over the past few years.

President Ezio Altamura said, “We are honored to be your risk managers.”

The city officials were rewarded with a $1,000 check from the company.

Altamura said the deductible for claims came down to $55,000 per claim from $90,000 the previous year.

He said it is scheduled to come down in 2020 to $50,000, then $45,000 in 2021 and $40,000 in 2022.

Altamura also said the city will be in the position to be able to negotiate reduced deductibles in the future if they continue reducing the number of claims submitted.

In other business City Council tabled a vote on the reconstruction of the north end boardwalk after resident Pam Lamberton questioned why a certain section of the ordinance concerning it, was missing.

After a discussion among officials it was determined that the section was accidentally omitted.

City Attorney Fred Raffetto said in the name of caution the city should table the matter, repost the entire ordinance and if necessary hold a special meeting to vote on that one ordinance.

The special meeting will only be held if developers confirm it will  expedite the start of the boardwalk construction. Promises have been made by all parties to have the boardwalk completed before the 2020 summer season.

If iStar decides the vote can wait until the next council meeting, the city will hold the vote until then.

During public comments Dale Fiore, 705 Grand Avenue, and another neighbor complained abut a large bird feeder installed at the Alphabets Preschool, which is located next door to his property.

They both contend that the feeder draws hundreds of birds to the property, leading the birds to infiltrate neighboring properties. Fiore said bird droppings and birds nesting on his property is impeding his enjoyment of his home.

Alphabets has been designated a bird sanctuary, and is not violating any city or county codes.

However, Fiore said, “My property is the sanctuary.”

He contends that the birds eat on Alphabets property but set up nests on his property interfering with his quality of life.

“It’s a commercial feeder……there are bird droppings and birds on my porch,” he said. “The school has a 50 by 100 foot lots with astroturf and plastic furniture.”

“I’m the habitat, my lot is lush with nesting, flocking birds that come to my property……they have made my property their habitat,” Fiore said. “I tried to be a good neighbor.”

Mayor John Moor said the city will look into the issue and contact Fiore to discuss the matter.

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