Land Rover Stolen from Allenhurst Residential Driveway


A luxury motor vehicle was stolen from an Allenhurst residential  driveway sometime overnight from Sat., June 2 to Sun., June 3, police said, in circumstances similar to other such thefts in the county over the last few years.

Police said the theft of a 2016 Land Rover, which was parked in the resident’s driveway, was reported at 9:30 a.m. June 3. The key fob to the vehicle was apparently in the vehicle at the time of the theft. The followup investigation has determined the vehicle was stolen sometime between 2 and 6 a.m.

Police Chief Michael Schneider said over the last few years there have been a number of the luxury vehicle thefts from around Monmouth County, and particularly in some of the county’s more affluent towns.

“In almost all of these vehicle theft incidents, the key fob was inside the vehicle at the time it was stolen,” he said. “ The circumstances involving this recent theft are consistent with these similar thefts that have occurred.”

The theft was the first motor vehicle theft in  Allenhurst in more than seven years. The last vehicle stolen was more of a ‘crime of opportunity’ since it involved an older model vehicle, left running while unattended in the Main Street area and was later recovered in North Jersey.

The theft of this recent vehicle literally took seconds, Schneider said,  from the time the suspect walked up the driveway, entered the vehicle, started the vehicle and drove off.”

The Police Department is urging all residents to please make sure their vehicles are locked, at all times, when unattended, especially during overnight hours. The vast majority of motor vehicle thefts and thefts of property, from inside parked motor vehicles, involve unlocked vehicles. These are thefts that are avoidable, simply by locking the vehicle and keeping valuables inside the vehicle out of sight.

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