Lowering the Lake and Other Topics

Have you ever wondered what impact lake lowering has on fish and the myriad of life in Deal Lake?

Are you curious about the regulations and critical components that must be taken into account when controlling lake levels? What are some of the limitations in controlling water flow?

On April 18 at 7 p.m. the Deal Lake Commission will offer an educational presentation to the public entitled “Learning More About Lake Lowering” at their monthly meeting.

Dr Steve Souza, DLC Environmental Consultant and Jeannie Toher, Asbury Park’s Deal Lake Commissioner will provide a presentation on the topic of lake lowering. The public is invited to come and learn about the impact that water draw down has on a variety of fish, plants and other aquabiota in Deal Lake. Regulations, protocol, components that must be considered and limitations in controlling water flow will be discussed. Steps the DLC is taking to reduce flooding will be included in the presentation. There will also be a Q and A session . The DLC meeting will follow the presentation.

The meeting is at Interlaken Town Hall, 100 Grasmere Ave. The public is invited.

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