Meeting to Discuss Parking Garage

Asbury Park residents are invited to a Nov. 13 meeting to provide input for a proposed parking garage at the City Hall complex on Main Street.

The City Council recently announced plans to construct a new multi-level downtown parking garage, awarding a design contract to Tim Haahs.

The design team will include T&M Associates, Clarke Caton Hintz and 4Ward Planning.

The garage will include about 500 spaces and will be located off of Main Street within the municipal complex that currently houses City Hall, the Police Department and the Transportation Center.

The public meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. in council chambers.

Preliminary design concepts will be presented and the public will have the opportunity to provide input.

The preliminary design contract, in the amount of $227,000, was awarded to establish the overall design intent of the parking garage and to generate schematic design documents. The effort will also include a Site Feasibility Assessment, to identify the preferred location of the parking garage within the site, as well as a Land Survey, an Environmental Site Assessment, a Soils and Foundation Report, and a Traffic Impact Report.

“Due to the City’s tremendous growth, parking availability is obviously something we’ve been struggling with in Asbury Park,” said Councilperson Eileen Chapman. “It’s an especially important topic for our downtown businesses community as it affects their livelihood and we are pleased to be able to offer a parking solution close to downtown.”

“We’re thrilled to be moving forward with this project,” said Mayor John Moor. “Adding parking supply for our residents, visitors and employees of downtown businesses has been a goal. Increasing the parking supply is one piece of the puzzle in addition to providing alternate forms of transportation.”

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