Neptune Employee Promoted to New Administrative Position


Neptune Township’s Historic Preservation Commission will now be more streamlined with the hiring of an administrative officer.

“We hope to improve the delivery of services through the HPC by doing this,” Township Business Administrator Vito Gadaleta said.

Current HPC Secretary Dawn Crozier, who is the township’s deputy tax assessor, was promoted to the new administrative position. She will receive an annual stipend of approximately $7,000 for filling the job.

Pamela Valentine, a secretary in the township’s land use department, will take over the secretary position on the HPC, with an annual $5,000 stipend.

Both women were appointed at this week’s Township Committee meeting and the appointments were effective Sept. 25.

Gadaleta said that Valentine will have secretarial duties only, with Crozier reviewing the applications. He said that all applications are reviewed in association with the HPC and that the administrator or secretary “cannot override the HPC.”

In 1975 Ocean Grove was placed on the New Jersey Register of Historic Places and on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976. These designations were based on the high percentage of existing original and early homes that retain their vernacular, seaside, Victorian design and ornamentation as well as the unique urban planning created by the founders in the 1870’s that is still in existence.

The township established the HPC to review all proposed exterior alterations to existing properties and proposed new construction in order to preserve the architectural integrity, craftsmanship, and heritage of Ocean Grove. The HPC determines if that work will meet standard put forth in the approved design guidelines.

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