Neptune Police Chief Retires



NEPTUNE TOWNSHIP – Neptune officials are keeping their options opening in appointing a replacement for former Police Chief Robert Adams, who retired effective June 1 after 40 years with the department.

A retirement dinner was held for Adams at the Jumping Brook Country Club on June 7 with 300 attending.

“It is been a pleasure to work with Chief Adams because the first time he took the oath of office, and each time he took another oath for new position, he rededicated himself to those words every time, which are to uphold the constitution and arrive at his authority from the people,” Township Committeeman Randy Bishop said.

“More importantly, he instilled those same qualities in the department that has allowed it to become one of the finest departments,” he said.

“He worked very hard and was a very committed chief,” Committeeman Michael Brantley said.

Bishop, who is also the police commissioner, said that options facing the Township Committee right now are to promote a new police chief, hire a public safety director, or just keep things running the way they are for now.

The governing body created the public safety director position in 2012 so it would be available if needed.

“It’s so all options are open,” Bishop said.

He said that Deputy Police Chief James Hunt is now running the day-to-day operations and that the office of emergency management is handling the administrative end, such as scheduling.

“We are still looking at what our options are. We had a number of new promotions recently and we are looking at what’s out there and what our direction will be. We have not made a decision yet and we want to make the right decision,” Bishop said.

“A lot of it has to do with whether or not we have people who are ready for the job- that’s a big piece of it. I believe there are many who are but they may not have all of the skills or qualifications that are needed for the job,” he said.

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