Neptune Skateboard Park Open


Final touches are being done to Neptune’s new skateboard park at the Sunshine Village Park with a grand opening planned for next month.

Township Business Administrator Vito Gadaleta said that the park still needs some landscaping and a fence to be finished.

“But the park is open and being utilized,” he said.

The park is open from dawn to dusk but only skateboards are allowed- no scooters or bicycles are permitted.

“There will be a grand opening once it is completed- maybe in mid to late September,” Gadaleta said.

The skateboard park, the first of its kind in Neptune, is funded through a $360,000 expenditure, with $165,000 of that amount coming from a Monmouth County Open Space grant. The remaining amount has been bonded.

The skateboard park will be in the Sunshine Village Park Fields, off Asbury Park Blvd. and Pine Drive, adjacent to existing basketball courts and soccer fields. The 60- by 100-foot project, for a total of 6,000-square-feet, will include concrete skating bowls, railings, steps, benches, landscaping and buffers. The park will be designed for novice to intermediate skateboarders.

Residents have complained that skateboarders were ruining parks, benches, monument and other public areas in the township.

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