Oakhurst Fire District 2020 Officers

The new officers of Oakhurst Fire District No. 1 are (left to right)are pictured left to right: Chief Sean Edson, 1st Asst. Chief Russell Williams,, 2nd Asst Chief Alan Roussell, Captain Jessica Williams and 1st Lieutenant Robert Graziano.

On New Years Day the annual fire department tradition was implemented at Oakhurst Fire District No. 1 as the swearing in and changing of officers was accomplished  with the assist of the Mayor Chris Siciliano and Council members Deputy Mayor John Napolitani, Councilman Rob Acerra and David Fisher.  Councilwoman Margie Donlon was away on vacation out of state.

The fire district was created in 1903, and has given more than 100 years of dedicated  service to the community  by resident volunteers who have continuously protected lives and property in exemplary duty. In addition to attacking,  correcting and overcoming  fire problems, volunteer commitment  includes many hours each week of team practices and training – personal time in keeping skills and challenging safety work abilities finely tuned.
Many members have come from earlier families members carrying the dedication of a century of caring for the neighbors and supporters.

Team building, practice and training is part of the weekly coming together of the membership,  The New Year’s celebration is supported by other family and volunteers. Town residents visit the celebration along with visits from other companies from around the state, as far south as Ocean County and many from mid and north Jersey to show appreciation for the significant contributions.

By mid afternoon on New Year’s Day more than 600 visitors had share best wishes and conversation as the district served refreshment and a fund-raising “50-50” was offered.

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