Ocean Councilman Launches Re-Election Campaign

Ocean Township Councilman Rob Acerra this week announced his campaign for re-election to the Ocean Township Council. The non-partisan election will take place on Tues., May 14.

Over the last four years  Acerra has fought against higher taxes and for more openness and transparency in local government. He voted against tax increases, helped to stabilize the Township budget and worked to create rehabilitation zones for businesses to thrive. Acerra was also a leading voice for having Council and Board meetings televised; publishing agenda and minutes on the Township website and providing residents with quarterly newsletters.

“For four years, fighting for Ocean Township residents has been my top priority, and if re-elected on May 14th, it will continue to be. With all the burdensome taxes and regulations coming from the politicians in Trenton, Ocean Township must continue fighting to keep local taxes stable and bring down the cost of doing business. It’s imperative we fight to make Ocean more affordable for our seniors and families.”

During his time on the council, Acerra has supported improvements to the Township pool, added bike lanes throughout town and he continues to demand more funding for road improvements.

Additionally, Acerra has served the community for 25 years by founding Ocean Township Youth Baseball, volunteering for the PTA, Boy Scouts of America, and serving as Chairperson on the Board of Education, in addition to serving as councilman and deputy mayor.

“I have tried to follow in the footsteps of our former Mayor Joe Palaia, who dedicated his life to this great town. Unfortunately, we are now seeing the Trenton politicians and special interests creep into our local government, which is supposed to be “non-partisan,” said Acerra. “I don’t owe the Trenton politicians anything, and I will be the independent voice to represent our home town interests. These same Trenton politicians who caused major tax hikes by cutting aid to our schools now want to control Ocean Township government. Not on my watch. For all those who love and call Ocean Township home and want to see it protected for future generations, I humbly ask for your vote on Tues., May 14.”

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