Ocean Grove Ladies Auxiliary Raised $42,000 to Donate


coaster-news-200-newBy BONNIE GRAHAM

Throughout the summer of 2016, a sizeable contingent from the all-volunteer Ladies Auxiliary of the Auditorium Ushers worked a variety of events to raise funds for various Ocean Grove summer and community-wide projects and programs. The multi-generational group was easily recognizable, as always, in their red polo shirts or red T-shirts with the Ladies Auxiliary logo.

This year the group raised more than $42,000 through the member’s efforts. The funds will be distributed to almost two dozen groups.

The women prepared for their various events in the off-season, with countless hours spent on collecting, sorting, and packing books, clothes, bazaar items, and items for their Christmas boutique.

Among their concluded events this summer were the season-opening plant sale in May, a fish and chips / chicken and chips dinner in July, a barbecue dinner in August, the July book sale and the July bazaar, and an August ice cream social. The Ladies Auxiliary ushered at the Father’s Day Sunday Ocean Grove Auditorium morning worship service and also marched as a unit in the Ocean Grove July 4th parade.

The Ladies Auxiliary held their annual “Thank You” luncheon at the Starvin’ Artist recently during which time the officers and committee chairs updated the group on the summer’s fundraising totals and shared information on future events.

Ladies Auxiliary President Tara Higgins welcomed the women, who filled the restaurant’s outdoor garden dining area. Karla Herr, who served as President of this organization in 1978-1980, gave the invocation.

Higgins presented a $5,000 check for the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association’s “Now and Forever” fund to CMA President Dr. Dale Whilden and CMA Chief Operating Officer John DiGiamberardino.

Whilden thanked the Ladies Auxiliary for their commitment to Ocean Grove. He spoke of an “analogy of planting God’s gifts” accomplished by this organization – including “sowing” kindness, generosity, diligence, time, hospitality, resourcefulness, and organizational skills.

In round figures, the various Ladies Auxiliary events raised the following revenue:
· Plant Sale – $2,234.00.
· Two dinners – $2,825.00
· Bazaar – $21,600.00.
· Ice cream social – $1,195.00.
· Book sale – $11,265.00.
· Christmas boutique (2015) $3,400.00.

As per the Ladies Auxiliary member votes, the above funds were distributed, or will be distributed, as follows:
· Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association “Now and Forever Fund” – $5,000.00.
· July 4th Parade – $300.00.
· Gospel Music Ministry – $300.00.
· Ocean Grove Summer Band – $300.00.
· Fireman’s Christmas Fund – $300.00.
· First Aid Squad – $300.00.
· Ocean Grove Citizen’s Patrol – $300.00.
· Auditorium Choir Music – $300.00.
· Auditorium Pavilion Maintenance – $5,000.00.
· Beautification – $4,000.00.
· Thornley Chapel/Kids Fund – $1,000.00.
· Youth Fund – $1000.00.
· Maintenance of Past Projects – $5,000.00.
· Lifeguards / Junior Lifeguards – $500.00.
· OCCMA Recreation Department – $350.00.
· Tables, Chairs, and Tents – $3,000.00.
· Youth Dramatics – $1,000.00.
· Paddle Board for Junior Lifeguards – $1,000.00.
· Pavilion Security/Safety Cords – $1,500.00.
· LED Lighting for Auditorium ($4,000 per year) – $8,000.00.
· Portable Sound System for Ladies Auxiliary – $1,000.00.

The summer bazaar and Christmas boutique “basement warriors” are collecting and sorting donations for next year’s sales. Donations can be dropped off at the Camp Meeting Association’s office at 54 Pitman Avenue, Ocean Grove from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm, Monday-Friday, from September 11 – May 20, and from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm, Monday-Friday, from May 21 – September 10. Book donations can also be received from 8:30 – 4:30, Monday-Friday at the Camp Meeting Association’s Bradley Beach facility, located on Main Street just south of Ocean Grove.

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