Ocean Township Mayor Responds to Questions

Ocean Township Mayor Chris Siciliano responded to questions from The Coaster.

1. Are residents still able to call Town Hall for questions about tax and sewer payments?

The municipal building is not open to the public and is operating on a limited schedule, from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. Telephones calls can be made to the offices and there is also a drop-box in the building’s vestibule. Or people can pay online.

2. Will trash and recyclables continue to be picked up at regular times?

Yes, trash and recyclables will continue to be picked up according to the regular schedule. Bulk trash and metals pickups have, however been suspended for now. Leaves and brush will still be picked up and the recycling center on Sunset Avenue is open.

3. Are residents still able to walk in parks?

The township has closed all playing fields, including baseball, basketball and other sports. Palaia Park and Weltz Park are still open to the public.

4.Do you have information about the relaxation of any of the restrictions now in place?

Not yet. We are playing it by ear.  When we get better control, we can better evaluate things from there. We have to be cautious. We need to take pain up front and then hopefully open sooner.

5. What is the impact public meetings?

Public meetings care not open to the public but people can watch on the internet or YouTube. The meetings will be short and begin at 5 p.m. The township cannot adopt any ordinances without public input so, while they may be introduced, none will be approved until a way to get public comment is in place. We can postpone the public hearings until we can do it virtually.”

6. Police, First Responders?

Police and first responders have been issued protective equipment and are using caution. If a resident feels they have contracted the coronavirus, then they need to tell the first responders in advance so they are properly equipped. You need to tell them so they know what they are walking into.

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