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What do you think about the teen suing her parents?

  Spoiled brat or legit legal case?  THE COASTER asked Shore area residents, “What do you think about the teen suing her parents?”  this week – and here are their verdicts:

Out & About

  All Coaster Photos taken by Mike Kearns.  

Do you think our recent weather patterns are as a result of global warming?

  The COASTER asked the following Shore area residents, “Do you think our recent weather patterns are as a result of global warming?” this week…and here’s what they had to say:

CLASSIFIED: Items Wanted

  CLASSIFIED: The Jersey Shore Rescue Mission (Located at the corner of Memorial and Asbury Aves. in Asbury Park) will host a giant garage sale on Friday, April 25th and Saturday, April 26th. We are seeking donated items, much like you would find at a garage sale. We have over an acre of space, indoor and out and are also offering FREE space those interested in selling their own merchandise over that 2 day period. Please call Ken at 732-807-3506 for more information. ADVERTISE in The Coaster HERE.

First the Snow, Cold…Now the Potholes

  By JOSEPH SAPIA In this winter of endless plowable snowfalls and daily high temperatures that are quite low, the weather has been a major discussion topic. So, too, another major topic has been a result of the weather: potholes, basically caused by moisture in the pavement of roadways freezing and thawing. “This year is taking a toll on the roads, no doubt,” said Rich Bianchi, operating supervisor in Bradley Beach’s public works department, adding there is other damage, such as that caused by snowplows hitting curbs. “We’re seeing more potholes than normal,” said John W. Tobia, director of the…

Building a better Asbury Park through redesign

  By DON STINE So many people turned out in Asbury Park March 4 to hear more about Rebuild by Design, a federally-funded competition seeking to design permanent solutions to minimize damage caused by future severe storms, that another presentation was added. A standing-room-only crowd packed the first 7 p.m. session in the main viewing room at the Showroom on Cookman Avenue. Tuesday’s presentations were to garner public comment about the program. “Community feedback is a major criteria,” said Alexis Taylor, a project manager for the design competition. Ten teams, from Connecticut to New Jersey, are part of the Rebuild…

Do you think raising the minimum wage to $10 an hour will help or hurt the economy?

  The Coaster asked these area residents “Do you think raising the minimum wage to $10 an hour will help or hurt the economy?” this week…and hit paydirt. Sit back and watch or click through the slideshow to read the replies:

Vote Next Week on Shark River Dredging Plan

  By DON STINE The future of the Shark River will probably be determined on Mon., March 10 by the Monmouth County Board of Recreation Commissioners, which will vote on moving approvals forward on a controversial 16-acre dewatering site for the proposed river dredging project. Proponents and opponents of the project attended the recreation commissioner’s meeting on Feb. 24 at Thompson Park in Lincroft. Another meeting, also at the park, will be held at 7 p.m. on Monday, March 10 when a vote will be taken on moving the recommendation to use a dewatering site in Neptune on to the…

In Avon: Residents Continue to See Red Over Discolored Tap Water

By KATHARINA CAVINO About a dozen residents of the Washington Avenue area of Avon attended this week’s Board of Commissioners meeting to again voice their concerns about discolored water flowing from their taps. They brought mason jars filled with yellow water, white tee shirts stained yellow by the water in their washing machines, and two-month-old water filters that had turned completely brown from the water being piped into their homes. Residents had one word for the chronic problem: “deplorable.” The group of residents, represented by Jack Ryan of Wshington Avenue, demanded a long term solution to the problem. “One of…