Pallone Seeks Meeting on Mail Delivery in Asbury Park

Rep Frank Pallone has requested a meeting with postal officials following what he called an “unacceptable level” of conditions at the Asbury Park and Long Branch post offices.

In a letter to Cheralyn Morton, United States Postal Service, Bellmawr Pallone said residents of the two cities have been raising issues regarding mail delivery for years.

“Mail is consistently delayed, not delivered, or returned to sender despite having been addressed to the correct resident at the correct address,” Pallone wrote about service at the Asbury Park Post Office. “These difficulties are not only experienced by the residents, but also local businesses and the local government which has problems communicating with their residents via mail for vital government purposes.”

Pallone said while temporary improvements were made,  conditions have now “worsened to an unacceptable level.”

“I have long been a supporter of the US Postal Service and the services it provides to our nation’s citizens and businesses,” he wrote. “However, the services being provided must be reliable and the interaction…must be in a welcoming environment.”

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