Planning Board to Hear Application for Oeanfront Pool and Beach Club

Asbury Park’s waterfront developer iStar Financial, Inc. will present its plans for a membership-based beach and pool club on Wed., May 29 at 6 p.m.

The beach club is being marketed as an amenity to the recently developed high-rise luxury condo and hotel, The Asbury Ocean Club Surfside Resort and Residences.

Hundreds of concerned residents, environmental advocates and community leaders attended the Feb. 13 City Council meeting and spoke out in opposition of iStar’s plans for a membership-based pool club, which is scheduled to be built east of Ocean Avenue between Sixth and Seventh Avenues.

Many are concerned this club will be unaffordable for residents and will discourage public access to and enjoyment of the waterfront. The property planned for the proposed club is located within a FEMA VE Zone (defined as a flood zone subject to high velocity water).

Nearly 6,400 people have signed an online petition requesting iStar to stop and reevaluate its plans for the northern waterfront. A survey completed by 441 Asbury Park residents and visitors showed that the vast majority of people do not want a beach and pool club on the northern waterfront; instead, they want an oceanfront park.

The public will have the opportunity ask questions and voice their comments and concerns during a public presentation to the Planning Board at the May 29 meeting.  The meeting will be held in City Council Chambers located at One Municipal Plaza, Asbury Park.

The coalition Save Asbury’s Waterfront advocates that Asbury Park’s waterfront remain open, public and inclusive, benefiting both the waterfront redeveloper as well as Asbury Park’s current residents and visitors.

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