Police Warn: Lock Your Vehicles

Ocean Township police are once again reminding people to lock up their vehicles when they are not using them.

“We have been preaching this for years on social media, please lock your vehicles, remove the keys/fobs from the interior and don’t leave valuables in your car,” said Det. Lt. Timothy Torchia.

Torchia said during the recent rainstorm multiple vehicles were stolen and entered overnight.

In one case a vehicle that was unlocked in the driveway was entered, then the unknown actor used the garage door opener to gain access into the garage.

The common theme was that all the vehicles were unlocked and the keys/fob were inside the cars.

“So please lock your vehicles, remove keys/fobs and valuables from the interior and if you notice anything or anyone suspicious in your neighborhoods please call us immediately!” Torchia said.

The burglaries and car thefts occurred in the Wayside Section of town off the Deal Road corridor. Police officers and detectives are currently investigating leads and reviewing surveillance footage

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