Ready to Park? Enter Your License Plate Number

Asbury Park continues to improve the parking experience for residents, employees and visitors and recently completed the launch of the new license-plate recognition system to allow for transition to Pay-by-Plate public parking.

Parking pay stations were converted to the Pay-by-Plate configuration in mid-February, and now, with the recent conversion of the mobile app (, the transition is complete.

The license-plate recognition system eliminates the need to enter parking space numbers, allows parkers to move cars during their purchased time to different spaces within the same paid parking zone, and eliminates the need for hang tags or decals for permit holders. The system will also provide the City with better data on parking availability and turnover, allowing for more informed decisions on future policy changes.

Using Pay-by-Plate Public Parking

Parkers can save their license plate for easy re-use in the existing mobile parking app, which can be downloaded at For the parking pay stations, parkers can save their license plate info at to tie it to a specific credit card.

Signs indicating the zone number have been installed throughout the metered parking areas and on the parking pay stations. When using the parking app, refer to the signage posted at your location to enter the zone number. Parking meter stations will automatically input the zone.

Metered Parking Zones

The metered parking zones numbers are as follows: Downtown 33100; Central 33200; Waterfront 33300. The Downtown zone encompasses Cookman Avenue, Lake Avenue and the 100 Block streets in between. The Waterfront zone encompasses Ocean Avenue, Kingsley Street and the 100 Block streets in between. The Central Zone encompasses all metered parking areas west of Kingsley Street and north of Cookman Avenue.

Pay-by-Plate Parking – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Pay-by-Plate? 

Pay-by-Plate parking is an alternative to the previous Pay-by-Space parking that was present in Asbury Park. Customers purchase parking time at a pay station, or on the mobile parking app, using their license plate. Purchase time is tied to a vehicle’s license plate and not to a parking space, allowing for vehicles to be moved to different spots within the same paid parking zone i.e. Downtown, Waterfront and Central Zone.

2. Why is the city transitioning to Pay-by-Plate?

Pay-by-plate parking will provide a better experience for visitors and guests, will make enforcement of parking regulations easier, and will eliminate the need to maintain space numbers on the pavement, which can be hard to see at night or in bad weather. Creating a unified system of enforcement by license plate also eliminates the need for hangtags and decals, making the parking experience easier for permit holders.

3. How do I know if the space that I park in is a metered parking space?

Parkers should be aware of signage on each block which indicates whether there is paid parking on that block.

4. What should I do when I park in a metered parking space?

Until you save your license plate number in the mobile parking app at, or at for use at the parking pay stations, or can commit it to memory, we suggest taking a photo of your license plate before leaving your vehicle for use at the parking pay station.

5. How can I register my plate so that I don’t need to remember it?

Parkers can now register and save their license plate information on either the mobile parking app at, or at for use at the parking pay stations.

6. How do I enter my license plate at a parking pay station?

Use the alphanumeric keypad on the pay station to enter your license plate (no special characters).

7. What if I type my plate number in wrong?

Please review all of your parking details before purchasing your time at a pay station or on the mobile parking app. Parking sessions cannot be adjusted, canceled, or refunded once they have started. Should you start a session on the wrong license plate, you will need to immediately start another session with the correct license plate. If the Parking Enforcement Officers are not able to match the license plate on your vehicle with the transaction data, you will receive a citation.

8. Can I extend my time for an active parking session?

Active parking sessions can be extended on the mobile parking app for no additional transaction fee. To extend time, go to “Session Options” and then click on “Extend.” At the pay stations, simply enter the license plate to be extended, pay for additional time, and press OK to confirm.

9. Can I move spaces after I’ve paid for my vehicle?

Vehicles can be moved within a paid parking session as long as the vehicle remains within the same paid parking zone i.e. Downtown, Waterfront and Central Zone.

10. How does Parking Enforcement know I paid?

The parking pay stations and mobile parking app sync with Parking Enforcement systems, allowing Parking Enforcement Officers to utilize the license-plate recognition system to verify all purchases and valid permits.

For more information call 732-502-4562 (during office hours) or 732-774-1300 (evenings and weekends) or email

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