Republican Wins Seat in Neptune City


coaster-news-200By MELISSA BEVERIDGE

According to Monmouth County Board of Elections, the unofficial counts for the special election in Neptune City showed Republican incumbent Richard Pryor winning the council seat with 510 seats and Democrat Michael Skudera with 475.

There were two write in votes. The official results will not be confirmed until Thurs., March 24, said Mayor Robert Brown.

“It was a hard fought victory,” said Pryor when contacted about the unofficial results. “I have no agenda. I’m just here for Neptune City and to continue to give homeowner’s relief.”

The special election took place after Neptune City resident Michaela O’Brien’s vote was originally rejected during the November 2015 election. Before a court review of the matter Skudera was sworn in Jan. 1.

After review, the additional vote was counted making it a tie between Skudera and Pryor. Skudera stepped down when the special runoff election was scheduled.

“I’m very happy with the results,” said Brown, who is also a Republican. “I’m happy to see that Rick Pryor will be able to continue to do all the work he’s been doing in Neptune City.”

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