Seniors Invited to Learn About Medical Cannabis

A seminar, Seniors and Medical Cannabis, is being presented at the Asbury Park Senior Center, 1201 Springwood Ave, Second Floor.

It is scheduled for Mon., Jan. 6 at 12:30 p.m. and will include open discussion facilitated by Patricia A. Patton.

Patricia A. Patton, aka CannaBoomer, is a health and wellness advocate interpreting cultural change and the legalization of the recreational and medical cannabis industry on the Boomer generation, according to her bio on Hollah at her on the Blog, Twitter, Linkedin or on Facebook.

Much has been said recently about older people being the fastest growing new category of medical cannabis consumers.

But rarely do seniors have a safe space to chat among themselves about this shift in medical direction, to ask the questions about their health and the quality of their aging lives that are most meaningful to them.

Some of the questions that will be addressed include: why is cannabis the new cure for arthritis and other joint pain, restless nights, and loss of appetite? What changed?
Where, for example, should you go or to whom should you speak if this is a health consideration or something you are simply wondering about?

Come to the Senior Center Jan. 6 for answers to your questions.

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