Special Election in Neptune City


coaster-news-200By ELLEN CARROLL

Neptune City voters will be asked to go to the polls one more time, March 22, for a special election for a Borough Council seat.

The election follows a decision to count the provisional ballot cast by Michaela O’Brien, a first time voter who said she voted across the board for Republicans.

Voters will be asked to vote for Richard Pryor, a Republican who lost the election by one vote, and Michael Skudera, a Democrat who was sworn in to a seat Jan. 1. Pryor has been a counciilman since 2000.Skudera is a newcomer to elected office.

Once the provisional ballot was allowed this week Pryor gained a vote giving each man 602 votes.

Pryor described the election as “one for the history books.”

“This has been going back and forth and I think this is the only fair way for us to actually find out who should be elected,” he said. “I have had conversations with Mike and we both agree it should be fair.”

Pryor added, “I am looking forward to it.”

Skudera could not be reached by press time.

The election for the full term council seat has been back and forth since November and has included recounts as well as an error due to a county vendor. Skudera has been removed from the council pending the special election outcome.

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