St. Patty’s Day Parade Proposed for Asbury Park


ASBURY PARK – Asbury Park’s first-ever Saint Patrick’s Day parade may take place next year if a special committee looking into the matter has anything to say about it.
The committee, chaired by city fire official Garrett Giberson, has been holding meetings in an attempt to plan the event.

“And things are going in a good direction as far getting the parade off ground. We will have meetings until it happens and plan to make a presentation to the City Council once everything is in place,” he said

But Giberson added that there is still a lot of work to be done.

“We still have a long way to go and are planning fund-raisers. We hope to ultimately raise about $30,000,” he said.

A special, nonprofit organization will be formed to administer the parade, which is planned for Sun., March 9, 2014.

“I thought about creating the parade and then I went to some other people- and there was a lot of positive feedback. People were excited and would like to see this happen,” Giberson said.

And this will probably be the first St. Patrick’s Day parade in Asbury Park’s history, he said.

He also points out that having such events and celebrations brings commerce to the city.

“Hopefully this will happen and it will be a good time for all in Asbury Park,” he said.

Local realtor and concert promoter Sammy Boyd is also on the special committee.

“I think it’s a great idea and it will be a great annual event for Asbury Park. I think we have a really good group of people that can produce a professional, top-notch parade. If we can get the right people, logistically, to organize this parade, I think it will be a big success for Asbury Park. I am optimistic it will happen,” he said.

John McGillion, owner of Johnny Mac House of Spirits on Main Street, said he also thinks the parade is a good idea.

“We have a formidable group to put this together in Asbury Park and the city needs it. Asbury Park is one of the cultural centers of the Jersey Shore,” he said.

McGillion, who has already donated money toward the parade, said Asbury Park is “the town” at the Jersey Shore.

“No doubt about it and it’s about time Asbury Park has an opportunity to so something like this,” he said.

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