Synagogue Honors Local Leaders

Rabbi Maury Kelman (center) is pictured with Bradley Beach Police Chief Leonard Guida (left) and Bradley Beach Mayor Gary Engelstad.

Congregation Agudath Achim of Bradley Beach, under the leadership of Rabbi Maury Kelman, held its fourth annual Gratitude Day on Sat., Aug. 24, when the synagogue honored the Bradley Beach Police, Fire and First Aid Departments, Mayor Gary Engelstad and Councilmen, along with the Borough  Administration.

Rabbi Kelman spoke of the importance of showing gratitude, which he stated is one of the most important foundations of Judaism.

After pointing out that he said a special prayer for the police who protect the synagogue each Sabbath. Rabbi Kelman then gave a special blessing to the police and all first responders.

Police Chief Len Guida and Mayor Gary Engelstad then spoke briefly to the congregation expressing their appreciation to our community and the importance of working together in friendship and civility.

After the service, the guests, which also included Fire Chief John Zech, Councilman Norman Goldfarb and a number of police officers and firefighters, joined the 150 congregants for a collation, where members of the synagogue could express their personal gratitude to the first responders.

The children of the congregation enjoyed a special treat as Joanne Leston and Paul Whille led the children to the fire truck, where they gave out firefighter information and allowed the children to try on gear and learn more about the fire truck.

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