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What are your plans for the summer?

  “What are your plans for the summer?” we asked folks this week. Here’s our favorite answer: “To stay home here in Asbury Park and enjoy every inch of it, as much as possible. Maybe in the middle of the summer we’ll go to Bethany Beach in Delaware, but we can’t stay away from Asbury too long. We have “AW Syndrome” – Asbury withdrawal.” Read them all below.

Should Chris Christie run for president?

  “Hell no!”;  “I say absolutely not!”; to “Are you serious?” were the relies from one side – while others responded to “Should Chris Christie run for president?” with enthusiasm. See all the replies below. (A favorite is “Richard Nixon couldn’t get elected in his own state but won for president, so he has a chance.”!)

What’s your take on the economy?

  The Coaster asked these area folks “What’s your take on the economy?” Following is a snapshot of the economic pulse of the region and nation:

What do you look for at garage sales?

  THE COASTER asked these bargain-hungry Shore-area residents, “What do you look for at garage sales?” this week…and here are their replies (and some of their found treasure): FOLLOW The Coaster on FACEBOOK here.  

What do you think of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio?

  You can super-size your soda and maybe a whole lot more – like your liberal expectations –  in NYC now that Mayor Bloomberg is history. Given the large number of Asbury Park and Shore area residents who also call the Big Apple home, we thought it a good time three months or so months after inauguration day to ask, “What do you think of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio?” Replies below. Take a big gulp…

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