The Heat is On!


coaster-news-200-newBy JOANNE L. PAPAIANNI

It was a weekend of near constant heat advisories and thunderstorms watches from local police departments as officials warned shore area residents and visitors to take caution in the high heat.
Asbury Park Deputy City Manager Kevin Keddy said the city was “busier than you can even imagine. The whole city was busy.”
Keddy, who is also fire chief, said the fire department’s first aid squad answered 202 calls from Friday to Sunday night, many at the b eachfront.
Asbury Park Mayor John Moor said the weekend in the city was one of the busiest he has seen.
“It was not just at the beach – I think it’s going to be that way every weekend,” he said.
Moor said he heard no complaints from residents or police.
“Everything was under control,” he said.
Moor said people had a hard time finding parking places at the beachfront and throughout town.
“There is so much going on,” he said.
In Bradley Beach Supervisor Dick Johnson said nine people had to be administered to by first aid for heat exhaustion in a three hour period.
“They were pretty spread out along the beach,” he said.
Johnson said one gate guard, who was selling badges in a booth, needed to have first aid.
“Some booths are air conditioned, but not all – it can get pretty stifling in there,” he said.
As beach supervisor Johnson said his concern was for the health of employees, especially gate guards.
“We encouraged them to drink water, stay hydrated. And they have umbrellas so they are out of the sun,” he said.
Johnson said the lifeguards were fine because they are constantly in and out of the water.
He said water temperatures on Saturday were 59 degrees.
“That’s cold,” he said.
But on Sunday water temperatures went up to 68 degrees.
“Earlier in the summer it was 72 degrees, but then the south wind and west wind come in and bring the colder water up,” he said.
Johnson said attendance at the beaches was higher on Saturday, which he called “extremely busy.”
But crowds thinned out on Sunday.
“Could be people decided to stay home in the AC,” he said.
In Neptune Township Public Works Director Wayne Rode said he encourages his workers to drink plenty of water and rest when needed.
“Each guy is different, some need to be told to drink. We keep a palette of water here for them,” he said.
Rode also said certain projects were put on hold in the extreme heat.
“We definitely slow down a little this time of year,” he said.
Ocean Township Public Works Director Tom Crochet said he was not aware of any power outages following Monday night’s thunder and lightning storm, but said he advised his workers to drink fluids and rest in the shade if needed.
Crochet said there was not much he could do given the sun and temperatures.
“If I had a big umbrella….” he said laughing.

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