Traffic on Grand Avenue in City to be Discussed


coaster-news-200-newBy JOANNE L. PAPAIANNI

After two accidents on Grand Avenue in Asbury Park recent weeks, residents are asking if traffic signals, which had been removed in recent years, should be returned.

Traffic Manager, Michael Manzella, said he had seen a video of one of the accidents and would be bringing up the topic at the next meeting of the Parking Committee.

“I don’t get involved in specific incidents, but I monitor overall incidents,” he said.

Manzella said traffic signals can help reduce right angle or left turn crashes, but data shows they increase rear end collisions.

He explained that to have a traffic signal installed, a warrant analysis must be done by a license engineer to determine the number of crashes along with traffic counts.

Manzella said he would be speaking with the city engineer from T&M Associates about the area.

He also said he speaks to traffic safety police officers on a weekly basis.

Manzella said the most instances of bicycle riders and pedestrians colliding with cars occur on Memorial Drive, Main Street and Grand Avenue.

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