What a Weekend at the Shore


As July 4 dawned shore residents were treated to a some cooler temperatures following the 90-plus degrees over the weekend and into early this week.
Asbury Park’s Beach Utility Manager, Gary Giberson, couldn’t be any happier with this year’s start to the summer season.
“We’re off to a great start, I don’t think it could be any better,” he said. “It was insane, in a good way.”
Giberson said the weekend brought in about $176,000 in beach revenues.
He also said between people on the beaches, in the water, and the high heat, there were some challenges, but they were all easily addressed. A few people suffered heat exhaustion and were treated onsite, while a few kids who lost their parents had to be reunited.
Giberson also said there were several water rescues on Saturday due to rough surf, but no one suffered an injury.
“Our lifeguards were really busy on Saturday,” he said.
He said with the holiday falling mid week he’s not sure what to expect the end of this week and weekend. Early weather reports for last weekend, he believes brought the crowds.
But many may come down for the 4th and stay through the weekend.
Giberson said police did an excellent job of monitoring bicycle riders who are only allowed on the boardwalk until10 a.m.
Giberson also said with the new smoking ban on all beaches, police stopped and advised those they saw smoking and all complied. The same with dogs, which are prohibited, at the beachfront.
“The only ones we saw were service dogs,” he said. “Between the signage and the police it’s working out well.”
In Ocean Grove, Beach Manager Heather Kleinle said Saturday was “fantastic.”
Although she said waters were rough and lifeguards took extra measures to guard the beaches.
“Our lifeguards were very, very busy,” she said.
On Fri., June 29 there was an after-hours rescue, but the day was uneventful.
She said the parking lot at the south end of the beach is reserved for beachgoers only, with drivers having to show their seasonal or daily badge to park.
Bradley Beach took in $74,000 in beach revenues over the holiday weekend with larger crowds on Sun., July 1.    Beach  Manager Richard Johnson said even though the beaches were crowded, people were pretty mellow, with no incidents or accidents.
There were, however, almost 40 water rescues due to sandbars and shifting sands with the beginning of summer.
Johnson said there were no actual rip currents but there were “sweeps” that people were being caught up in. He said no one was injured or needed additional first aid after being rescued.
Johnson said they didn’t know what to expect with the holiday on Wednesday but said they are ready for anything and is hoping for large crowds again this weekend.
“We didn’t know if this was the Fourth of July weekend or not,” he said.
The hot weather caused a few minor electrical outages in Ocean Township “but these were isolated incidents- nothing serious,” Mayor Christopher Siciliano said.
The mayor said that “things are jamming” at the township pool, off W. Park Avenue, where the new children’s water-activity pool is a big hit.
“It gets a lot of play when it is this hot,” he said.
And while to pool is packed, attendance at the township-owned William F. Larkin golf course is off a bit because of the heat.
“We want people to enjoy the golf course but, in this heat, you have to be careful and prepare for it. Drink plenty of fluids and take your time,” he said.
In Neptune, Township Business Administrator Vito Gadaleta said that there have been so specific heat-related complaints as of Tuesday but that the township is ready to respond by opening up opening up air-conditioned facilities to the public.
“We have not opened any cooling shelters at this time but we are ready to do so, if necessary,” he said.
Cooling shelters can include the senior center, court room and library.

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