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YMCA for Sale Again


John McGillion, who purchased the YMCA building on Main Street in Asbury Park a little more than a year ago, has put it up for sale.

McGillion, owner of Johnny Mac House of Spirits, at 208 Main St., Asbury Park said he is selling the YMCA building to focus more on three other projects he has ongoing in the city right now. The listing price for the 38,679-square-foot building at 600 Main Street is $2.7 million.

“By the time we complete our other projects it would be six or seven years before we could get to the YMCA building so it just didn’t make any sense to keep it,” McGillion said.

He said money from its sale will be used to offset costs at his other projects.

He also has plans to add three more stories to the former Adriatic restaurant, which he owns and has named Kim Marie’s Eat and Drink Away on Kingsley Street. The ground floor with a restaurant and bar is scheduled to open in the next few weeks. The three additional floors will house an entertainment area with at least two floors being used as a youth hostel.

“There is so much work ahead of us right now and the YMCA would have been a pretty big project,” he said.

McGillion has plans to make improvements at the parking lot just north of Johnny Mac House of Spirits to include an outdoor, ground-level beer garden and a second-story mezzanine that will surround the beer garden on three sides and connect Johnny Mac with the Bistro Ole restaurant building at the corner of Main Street and Mattison Avenue.

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