$151,000 in Grant Funds OK’d for Neptune City Memorial Park


coaster-news-200-newBy MELISSA BEVERIDGE

Neptune City will receive $151,929 in Community Development Block Grant through funding from the county to complete the proposed improvements to Memorial Park.

In early July 2014, the borough was one of 20 applicant towns and non-profits in Monmouth County to apply for the block grant. Borough officials attended a question and answer period on August 23 where Monmouth County representatives were able to view each town’s proposed plan and ask town officials questions regarding the plans.

“We apply for everything you can,” said Councilwoman Susan Mitchell who also noted that the borough has been “doing very well lately” in regards to grant applications.

Out of 20 applicant towns and non-profits, Neptune City was ranked 5th for their proposal which includes funding for a 52o-foot extension of the boardwalk made of Trex, the same product that Ocean Grove used to replace its boardwalk. The proposal also includes new aluminum railings, lights, benches, and flowerpots as well as a repair of the concrete sidewalk and a ramp. In July, the borough estimated the total cost to be $380,000.

The borough applied for the maximum amount of $200,000 and received $151,929 which Borough Clerk Mary Sapp believes may be enough to just about complete the project. When advertising the bid, the borough will include various options.

“We may have some of the work done by our Public Works Department instead of a contractor,” said Sapp which would result in a lower cost.

“This was a two stage project,” said Mayor Robert Brown. “The Public Works Department did the site work to preserve erosion (with the completion of the bulkhead). Everyone is happy with the project.”

Sapp said the borough won’t actually receives the funds from the grant until the spring when construction is expected to begin.

“It’s the best kept secret,” said Sapp regarding Memorial Park.

In other business, officials noted the increase in traffic tickets written in the borough. Compared to last year, the borough’s tickets have doubled with the help of the newly installed e-ticket.

After approval from the state, Neptune City installed e-tickets in their police vehicles last year. The system allows officers to scan the person’s driver’s license, which directly fills into a database system so that officers no longer have to write the driver’s information. This information is printed on a receipt for the driver and is also sent directly to the clerk and court.

“The system is extremely accurate,” stated Captain Louis Trocchio. “It allows us to clear stops quicker and gets us to patrol faster.”

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