750 Boxes of Food Distributed to Community by Law Enforcement and Farmers

On Fri., Aug.7 local law enforcement, in conjunction with Farmers Against Hunger, held a produce giveaway event at Springwood Park in Asbury Park.

During the course of the event, representatives from the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office, the Asbury Park Police Department, the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Department, the Office of the Attorney General and the Asbury Park Housing Authority distributed approximately 750 boxes of produce to members of the local community.

Additional volunteers featured Assemblyman Eric Houghtaling, Asbury Park Mayor John Moor, local clergy, including Pastor Samaj Vansant, Pastor Lyddale Akins, Pastor Jackie Burgess, additional local clergy members and numerus members of the Triumphant Life Church in Oceanport.

In addition to the 750 boxes of produce, volunteers also distributed large quantities of corn, blueberries and milk.

Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni said that, “Local law enforcement were honored to be able to provide fresh, locally grown produce to members of the community at a time when many are struggling to feed their families.  While this was the primary focus of the event, it also provided a phenomenal opportunity for our local police officers to do something positive in the community and have the opportunity to communicate with local residents, clergy and community leaders.  However, the majority of the credit must go to Farmers Against Hunger, who along with the Attorney General’s Office, approached us about this program.”

Farmers Against Hunger’s mission is to connect healthy food from farms to families with the goal of reducing food waste, by helping farmers and wholesalers throughout New Jersey share their surplus with those in need, thereby reducing food insecurity and ensuring access to fresh and healthy produce for every family in New Jersey.

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