A Creative Solution to Remote Learning Offered by Realtor

Christina Gonzalez works at her office in Neptune City while her twin sons (above) work on their school at the office.

September school days this year were not like those past. Covid-19 has changed all aspects of American life and none more than for that of its children.

School districts are offering many options to parents including online homeschooling, in school learning with social distancing guidelines, and hybrid  programs with two or more days in school and the rest at home.

The situation impacts not only students but working parents as well, many of whom relied on schools for child care.

Real Estate Broker Jack Green, owner of three agencies in Ocean Grove, Neptune City and Spring Lake, found a solution for one of his employees.

Christina Gonzalez, assistant bookkeeper has twin boys in the third grade at Deal Elementary School.

Gonzalez works at the Neptune City office on W. Sylvania Avenue, where the company’s business office is located. The building has a second story loft which Green offered to convert into a classroom for the twins.

“It was a team approach,” Green said. “She’s been a tremendous help, when the pandemic hit we tried to set up some things to try to work it out with her at home. We bought special programs.”

But ultimately Gonzalez wanted to get back into the office.

“We’re a small boutique firm, it’s so much easier in person,” Green said. “She had myriad balls in the air; what all parents are going through with this pandemic. She could not focus at home…she started coming in. We could see the stress.”

Green said he had told her in the past the upstairs room was available if she ever needed it.

“She came to me and said ‘how game are you for having the boys here. How do you feel about having a classroom upstairs?’” he said.

Everyone agreed it was the best way to go given the circumstances.

Broker Susan Burger jumped in and painted the room a soothing blue before pinning educational cutouts and borders on the walls, giving it the feel of a personal classroom.

While Gonzalez continues to work downstairs the boys log onto their teacher’s site and complete their school work.

With mom nearby the boys can reach out for help if needed.

“Although we are all hopeful and want to get back to normal, this is a bridge until they do, ” Green said.

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