All I Want for Christmas


Brooklyn Peavy

Brooklyn Peavy


With only a few days left until Christmas, visions of toys are dancing in the heads of little ones who can’t wait for the arrival of the jolly old man dressed in red. Hoping that he will bring them their every heart’s desire, it seems that plenty of kids have been compiling their wish list all year long. Preschool students at the Early Childhood Center in Neptune have their Christmas letter to Santa ready-to-go and were willing to discuss what they hope he brings them this year.

Preschooler Iver Delmundo, who said that Santa lives in a “big, big house,” only had one simple request from the big guy.

“I want big rockets to play with at my house. It will be so much fun! he said.

Fellow student Alani Brathwaite had a much lengthier list of toys and even thought of a present for her cousin as well as a few for herself.

“I hope Santa brings me a doll house, a car I can drive, real dinosaurs that can fly and a dump truck for my cousin,” she continued.

Iver Delmundo

Iver Delmundo

Brooklyn Peavy had her mind set on what she hopes is under her tree this Christmas morning.
“I would like a baby doll, diapers, Legos, pink shoes and Frozen stuff,” she said. “I can’t wait for Santa to come to my house!”

And after much thought Arianna Delgado said she had only one item on her wish list this year.

“I want a teddy bear to go with my other teddy bear. They are both from the toy store,” she laughed.

Fellow classmate Larry Williamson only had a few things in mind from Santa that he wants to find under his tree.

“I would want him to bring me Hot Wheels, Monopoly so I get to beat the bad guys, and a car that eats my toys,” he said.

In addition to their requests from the jolly old soul, the students at ECC did not forget Santa’s sidekicks-  his reindeer. They want to spoil Dancer, Prancer and Vixon along with Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen and the most famous reindeer of all, Rudolph, with everything from water and hay to milk and candy canes. They also had a few thoughts as

Arianna Delgado

Arianna Delgado

“I leave cookies and brownies for Santa and carrots for the real reindeer. I leave water for them too. The elves get Cheetos because I saw them eat Cheetos at the North Pole,” said Alani Brathwaite.

Traditional snacks were not in the meal plan for Santa at Brooklyn Peavy’s home.

“I bring Santa a pink snack. For the reindeer I leave a snowman so there is a friend for them,” she said.

And Larry Williamson finds that cookies and milk are the best treat for Santa but the reindeer are on their own. or so it seems.

“I don’t leave snacks for the reindeer,” he said. “Santa feeds them instead!”

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