Allenhurst Child Abduction Attempt Unfounded


A reported child abduction attempt near the Allenhurst train station Sat., Nov. 9 has been determined to be unfounded, police said.

“Our subsequent investigation shows that the incident did not happen and that there was no attempted child abduction,” Capt. Michael Schneider said on Monday.

The incident reportedly happened Saturday around 2:25 p.m. near the Allenhurst train station parking lot and Spier Avenue.

The child reported he was being forced by a male into a white van but escaped and ran to a nearby business, which called 911.

The incident hit the media and Schneider said there was an “overwhelming response” from both residents and nonresidents.

“People were calling in reporting suspicious vans and (police) in surrounding towns responded as well – people were on edge,” he said.

“But subsequent investigation by Allenhurst police and the county Prosecutor’s Office were able to determine, without a doubt, that this incident is unfounded based on subsequent interviews,” Schneider said.

He said he is “still disturbed” by the case, which remains open.

Schneider did not comment on the legal status of the child.

But he said one good thing that may come out of all of this is that parents will now take the time to sit down with their children and discuss this issue.

“It’s an opportunity for parents to speak to their children on this issue and we would like these discussions to get out there,” he said.

And Schneider said the local police will continue their job to keep Allenhurst as safe a town as it can be.

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