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Asbury Park City Manager Michael Capabianco said an analysis by Community Solar Initiative may help save residents of Boston Way Village money on their electric bills.

The state program is designed to help low income housing  residents, who cannot acquire solar on their own, reap the benefits of solar energy. The program is geared toward apartment buildings and complexes and may benefit all city housing authority properties which will have a master meter.

The program can save customers money by providing solar energy at a reduced rate to those who cannot get solar on their own.

There is no cost to the city for the program.

* * * *

Reverse diagonal parking is being tested in the city on Eighth Avenue as a pilot program to see if it would work at the beachfront or other locations.
In reverse diagonal parking drivers back into parking spaces so their trunks are next to the sidewalk for unloading vehicles as they head to the beach.

This way people aren’t exposed to oncoming traffic as they unload.

Mayor John Moor said it is safer for those parking and for those in passing vehicles.

Several beach towns have implemented reverse diagonal parking.

* * * *

Several residents asked about the rise in school tax, which increased $227 per average household for the upcoming school year.

Moor said residents will take a big hit in their third quarter tax bill, which will reflect the increase.

He said the increases in recent years have to do with the reduction in state aid to the school district.

* * * *

During public comments several veterans, led by John Morris of the Disabled American Veterans Chapter 85, spoke about difficulties the vets were having finding low income housing.

Morris asked about Boston Way, and the Springwood Avenue affordable housing complexes now under construction saying several vets tried to apply but were not successful.

Morris said many veterans are in need and some of them are at risk veterans.

Bill Davis, a veteran who walks with a cane, said he has health issues and  contacted Fair Housing but has not received an answer.

Another veteran said he was told that to qualify for housing veterans have to be homeless and living on the street.

Mayor Moor thanked the veterans for their service and said he had no information at the time but would pursue it with the appropriate authorities..

“Please don’t wait for a council meeting for something this urgent,” Moor said.

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