Asbury Park Police to Have Body Cameras Affixed to Uniforms

After listening to concerns from the Asbury Park community and after Mayor John Moor at a June 10 meeting called for body cams to be worn by police, the Asbury Park Police Department announced the Street Crime Unit will now be required to wear the police uniform affixed with a body worn camera for street encounters.

The department said the decision was made in an effort to build better community relations and enhance transparency.

The unit will now address additional quality of life issues along with handling their primary crime suppression efforts. The Street Crime Unit will not be required to wear the Asbury Park Police uniform in instances when it would hinder their investigations in any way.

In a release Police Chief David Kelso, along with command staff,  said they are committed to monitoring this plan and making adjustments as needed to either the policy or enforcement efforts. The Asbury Park Police Department has utilized body worn cameras since summer 2016. Currently officers ranking sergeant and below, including Class II Special Law Enforcement Officers, have been issued a body worn camera which must be utilized when in uniform.

In addition, a veteran detective has been added to the Asbury Park Police Department’s Internal Affairs Unit. Detective Darrius Davis has long-term ties to the Asbury Park community and his addition to the Internal Affairs unit will be a benefit to both the community and to APPD.

“Our goal is to build a working, trusting relationship with the Asbury Park community,” Kelso said. “As a New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police Accredited Agency, we will continue to monitor our policies and enforcement efforts to ensure procedures are as transparent as possible while also successfully reducing crime in the most effective and efficient manner possible.”

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