Asbury Park School Tax to Increase


The Asbury Park School District’s 2019/2020 preliminary budget includes an average increase for property owners of $270.

According to Chanta Jackson, Communications Officer, “The increase in the school tax rate was precipitated by the increase in property values. The average home assessment went from $310,00 to $360,000. Therefore, homeowners will see an increase of approximately $.75 per day or $270.”

There has also been a continual reduction in state aid.

“Over the past several years, the school district has seen flat to declining aid from the state of New Jersey.  This is of particular concern as approximately 85 percent of the district’s operating budget ($66,058,611 in SY2019) comes from state aid,” said Superintendent Sancha Gray.

Gray also said as the budgets have become tighter, unsuccessful programs have been eliminated and funds have been reallocated to programs geared to helping students become career and college ready.

“The district continues to monitor changes in the school funding formula while remaining committed to providing a learning environment with programs designed to create diverse opportunities to the students of Asbury Park,” she said.

The public hearing and adoption of the budget, which is currently under review by the state department of education, is Mon., April 29.

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