Avon Panel Created to Help Business Community


The Avon Board of Commissioners is looking for more ways to help the business community.

At their meeting earlier this week, the three commissioners established the Main Street Business Enhancement Advisory Committee, to be made up of 10 members approved by the board.

The committee will “study the future of the district [as] to its economic stability, growth and development” as well as to advise the governing body on improvements and “examine the feasibility of expanding and contracting permitted uses within the business district,” according to a resolution which was approved unanimously.

“Small retail businesses and merchants are challenged by the sweeping changes in the economy, and a concerted review and study of the current business activity is necessary to preserve and stimulate the business district,” the resolution reads.
The panel will be made up of two business operators or owners, two owners of property located in the business district, two residents living in or within one block of the district, two residents living anywhere in the borough, a member of the Planning Board, and a non-voting member of the Board of Commissioners.

The group will choose a chairperson and provide a report of its findings and recommendations within 180 days of its formation, according to the resolution.

Those interested in serving on the committee should contact the borough office.
Also at the meeting, the commissioners approved the $30,844 purchase of a new Ford F-150 truck from National Auto Fleet Group for use by the borough’s water department.

The borough will also purchase $8,965 worth of protective clothing and equipment for its fire department from Fire Fighter One of Sparta.
Mayor Ed Bonanno said he was disappointed that the borough did not receive a water quality grant for phase two of the Sylvan Lake “living shoreline” project.

“We assumed it would be a done deal,” Bonanno said. “We’ll have another opportunity to apply for it in a year.”
The mayor reported that a resident received a threatening note because he had posted a political sign on his property. Bonanno said the homeowner was frightened by the note, and he urged the public to respect the rights of others to support candidates of their choice without fearing reprisal.

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