Avon Plans Ban on Smoking at Beachfront


A smoking ban is being planned for the Avon beach. Coaster file photo.

A smoking ban is being planned for the Avon beach. Coaster file photo.


Avon commissioners are planning to ban smoking at the beachfront.

The designated beachfront area would be within 50 feet from every entrance to the boardwalk or beach. There would be a $500 penalty for any violation.

Commissioner Frank Gorman said he hopes “to be smoke free on the beach by the 4th of July.”

Concerns were raised about effective enforcement of the ordinance and whether it would include newer smoking products such as e-cigarettes. In response to the concerns Police Chief Terence Mahon said that it would be “easier to handle” since there will be no exceptions to the rule and no designated smoking areas.

In other beachfront news, Mayor Robert Mahon announced that barring any issues with the moving of restaurant equipment – the Pavilion will be ready for full service business by June 18.

The Avon pool is also “ready to go,” he said, and on schedule to open for the summer on Sat., June 14.

Borough Engineer Charlie Rooney said that the pipe-lining project is on schedule to be completed within the next two weeks.

Chief Mahon also reported in the meeting, that the recent burglaries of homes on the river have been resolved. Two juveniles from Asbury Park were caught in connection with a car theft and admitted to the home burglaries as well. He also believes they were connected to the burglaries last year.

In response to public concerns about the enforcement of the ordinance mandating helmet usage while riding bikes, Mahon stressed the importance of the education work they do regarding safety in the schools. He also noted that enforcement “starts at home” and with the parents.

Head Librarian Sheila Watson reminded the public that the library book sale will be held July 12 and 13 on the boardwalk. She asked that any donations be given in boxes rather than bags to make it easier to set up Fri., July 11.

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